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C/ Corazón de María, 21,28002 Madrid

Phone 91 415 96 46
Fax: 91 415 97 09

Description of the center:

Training, methodology and personalized attention that has always been the philosophy of the Barcelo club, moved to environment of multiple activities, which are given in the new Centre, with a group of coordinators and teachers specialized in these activities, aerobic, fitness, relaxation, spinning, fitness, variants, and personal trainers where currently the club deportivo barcelo, is focusing much of its doctrine.




Monday to Friday from 8 to 23 h

Saturdays from 10 to 19 h

Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Fitness & Gym
  • Wellness & Spa
  • Massages
  • Martial arts

2,500 square meters, equipped with equipment of last generation and the most modern facilities for the practice of spinning, cardiovascular, strength training, room of sports in contact with two rings and all guided by the best professionals to help you achieve your goals.

Visit our extensive activities section, where you will meet all our collective and individual disciplines, and we will advise you that you choose the more accurate your claims.
After the effort to relax in the sauna, Turkish bath, baths Celts, bithermic showers, massage therapy, Cabinet of aesthetics or the rest area.

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