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C/ Ruíz, 27, 28010 Madrid
Phone. 91 445 13 03

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A centre exclusively dedicated to Pilates.

We offer a team dedicated to improve and preserve this wonderful structure called human body. We focus on the fluidity of the natural movement of the body to achieve a body conscious, flexible and with greater range of motion in each joint.
The Pilates core is built on the conscience of the own body in movement, working deep muscles, correcting the alignment, muscle imbalances and strengthening the Centre of the body.

In City Pilates we adapt to your needs; We offer a comprehensive schedule of classes of Pilates soil classes specific to pregnant women, machines, torres, semi private and private.


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  • Pilates & Yoga

We are a team of 10 professionals that we are meeting with energy and confidence in a body beautiful work. HEALTHY BODY - HEALTHY MIND - HAPPY SPIRIT

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